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Turning EXISTING Gray Concrete Into Distinctive Works of Art

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Our Process

We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!  Take your existing gray concrete from drab to distinctive in a matter of days or weeks.  Our process does not consist of toppings or coatings of any kind.   We go right IN your existing concrete with your choice of color stains and engraved patterns, stock artwork, or custom art of your choosing.  Again, right IN your existing concrete.  The end result will be a part of your concrete for the life of the existing slab.  It does not change the integrity of the surface and, in fact, protects it from stains due to cars, trees, rusty furniture, etc.

We begin with an on-sight consultation of your driveway, basement, patio or wherever your concrete slab might be.  We then go over colors, patterns and artwork to arrive at a desired look for your concrete.  Once the bid is complete and the contract signed, the work is scheduled and a date is set to begin.

When we arrive to begin the project, the area in question goes through a thorough cleaning and degreasing to remove all foreign material from the concrete.  It is then measured, marked, stained and engraved in varying order, depending on the look to be achieved.  This stage may take 3-4 days or as many as 10 days plus, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  Regardless, upon completion, the drab gray concrete is forever gone, replaced instead by a look of distinction that will last the life of the concrete!
About Us

Artistic Concrete Staining and Engraving was launched in 2005 as a result of personal experience in the building and remodeling trade.  Having built and remodeled homes, we were looking for ways to dress up concrete cost effectively while not having the end result look like something second rate and last just a few years.  We often were replacing slabs of concrete and combining new with old and ultimately trying to blend two different shades of gray.  So it was through these efforts that this process was discovered and is now available to you here in Southwest Missouri.

Our commitment to you is simple.  When we begin your concrete makeover project we do not stop, other than for weather, until finished.  Our goal is your satisfaction.  What you will be left with when completed is something to show off and be proud of for the life of the concrete.
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Call to schedule a free consultation today!  Contact Jesse Mach at 417-459-5730 and discover how you can change the look of your interior or exterior concrete in ways you've never dreamed possible.  And without the expense and mess of tear out and replacement.


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